I like to keep things pretty simple – so offer three clear packages, all are for photo-shoots in a place of your choice – usually either at your home or out and about in a location special to you, such as favourite beach or local park, or both!

Gift Vouchers are available for all sessions, just drop me a line and I’ll pop one in the post!

The Little One

  • A one hour session plus 10 images on USB to print as you wish in your own time: £70

For those who don’t want a full shoot, only have one or two shots in mind, or are simply Busy with a capital B!  Perhaps you’d like an informal family portrait taken for posterity, a couple of updated pictures of the kids for your wall, or a few shots of a new baby to share with family and friends.  This is a great, economical way of getting some beautiful new images.

The Middle One

  • A two hour session plus 30 images on USB to print as you wish in your own time: £150

This is my most popular original package.  Having a good two hours gives a bit more choice and flexibility, for example if we take the majority of the pictures in your home, we also have time to head to the local park for some outdoorsy shots as well.  It also gives children more time to “warm up” to me and my camera, and the more relaxed they are: the better results we’ll get!

The Big One

  • A four to five hour session plus 100 images on USB to print as you wish in your own time: £350

The chance to document everyday family life as it really is.  I was once asked on a shoot whether I offered this or not and I thought it was a brilliant idea!  These few years when our kids are little are really special, but it’s hard to fully appreciate and remember every detail.  This session, where I join your family and snap away for a good chunk of the day, gives you the opportunity to record life as it is right now.  From capturing the chaos of meal times, to your normal family interactions (tickle monster anyone?), to gorgeous detail shots of favourite books or toys – a beautiful snapshot of your unique family life.


Don’t live in Newcastle or the North East?  No problem – am more than happy to travel for photo-shoots, I just need to add on a bit of petrol money depending on where you are!! x


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